Conference 5–9 August 2012
Exhibition 7–9 August 2012
Los Angeles Convention Center

Exhibitor Information

Business Services Center

The Business Services Center, located in the mid-section of the concourse between West and South Halls, is available during SIGGRAPH hours to support copying, printing, and internet services.

+1.213.741.1151, Ext. 5520

+1.213.765.4444 fax

businesscenter (at)


The registered media will have clearly identifiable credentials allowing them to film in the exhibit hall. Exhibitors may refuse to allow media to take pictures or utilize recording devices. Attendees are not allowed to use cameras or recording devices. Exhibitors may only photograph or record their own booths and products.


SIGGRAPH 2012 will vacuum the aisles of the exhibit hall every night and will maintain general cleaning of the halls. Special cleaning for individual booths is available. Vacuuming and cleaning can be ordered through Freeman.

Computer Animation Festival

The Computer Animation Festival will showcase this year's best efforts in computer-generated animation in video and film. The quota for exhibitor personnel to attend is three tickets per 100 square feet. The tickets will be distributed equally over the four presentations.

Ticket Distribution 
Tickets will be distributed in the Exhibition Management Office, located in Meeting Room 305, Sunday through Wednesday from 9 am to 5 pm. Tickets will be distributed to a company representative who shows company identification or a business card. If you want to designate a specific individual to pick up your tickets, email Exhibition Management with instructions about who you will authorize to pick up your company's tickets. Tickets will only be available until 9:30 am each day for that day's show(s).

Purchase Additional Tickets
Additional tickets will be sold based on availability through the general attendee registration process.

Crate Storage

Empty crates, boxes, skids, etc. that exhibitors have labeled "empty" will automatically be removed from exhibitors' booths, stored, and returned to booths at the conclusion of the exhibition. "Empty" stickers will be available at the Exhibitor Service Center.

Exhibit Merchandise Release Passes

Exhibit merchandise release passes will be required for removal of material from the exhibition hall, by or for exhibitors during the installation, operation, and one hour after the dismantling period begins. Merchandise passes are not required for materials moved by labor to docks and onto exhibitors' trucks.

Exhibit Space Rental Package

Your exhibit space rental includes:

  • Standard booth equipment for linear booths, consisting of eight-foot-high back-wall drapes and three-foot-high side wall drapes.
  • One-line identification sign bearing company name, city and state and country, and exhibit space number.
  • Six exhibitor badges for each 100 square feet of exhibit space under contract if registered in advance.
  • A quota of Full Conference registrations. Admission to almost all conference events including: Art Gallery, Birds of a Feather, Exhibition, Exhibitor Tech Talks, Technical Papers Fast-Forward Session, Keynote Speakers, International Resources, Job Fair, Emerging Technologies, Posters, The Studio.
  • Three tickets for the Computer Animation Festival for each 100 square feet of exhibit space under contract.
  • Priority points toward space selection for SIGGRAPH 2013.
Exhibitor Lounge

As in previous years, SIGGRAPH 2012 will provide an exhibitor lounge that is open to exhibitor personnel only. The exhibitor lounge is in operation Sunday through Thursday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Exhibitor Service Center

The services provided by the official service contractors for SIGGRAPH 2012 are represented in the exhibitor service center.

First Aid

First aid stations are located in the lobby area of both the West and South Halls. The first aid stations are in operation during the entire installation, operating, and dismantling periods.

Food and Beverage Dispensing

ARAMARK is the exclusive food services supplier for the Los Angeles Convention Center. No food or beverage may be brought in without the proper consent. Popcorn may not be distributed. Refer to Catering under Official Service Contractors. Exhibitors wishing to hand out food and beverage samples should contact ARAMARK at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


Exhibitors are urged to provide insurance coverage protecting against damage, loss, or theft. Contact your insurance company or agent and request that this type of coverage be made available to you during SIGGRAPH 2012. The cost is low when added as a rider to your current policy.

Lighting in the Exhibit Hall

Lighting levels in the exhibition will be low and will be set during the installation period. If you require a particular amount of light, you will want to supply your own lighting in the event that the overhead lighting is not sufficient, or plan to obstruct the light if your presentation is light sensitive. Depending on the overhead lighting pattern at the convention center, you may or may not have direct overhead lights. If you require less lighting above your booth, you may request that the lights be turned out directly above your booth.

NOTE: All lighting changes requested through the Los Angeles Convention Center will incur a fee, and exhibitors will be responsible for changes to lighting. All requests must be approved by Exhibition Management and the Los Angeles Convention Center before any lights are turned off. Requests for turning off additional lights will only be approved if the decreased lighting will not significantly impact lighting of the aisles or other booths. Please have an alternate plan for your exhibit in the event that additional lights cannot be removed over your booth or if you require more light than the low lighting levels provide.


The Los Angeles Convention Center has parking available for a fee of $12.00 per day and does not include in and out privileges. In and out parking pass(es) are available to exhibitors at $25.00 per day. Exhibitors can pre-order parking pass(es) through the Los Angeles Convention Center, Exhibitor Services Division.
Download 2012 Exhibitor In & Out Parking Cards Order Form

Public Space

Souvenirs and literature can only be handed out from within the confines of exhibitors' booths. Passing out promotional material or literature in the aisles, outside the convention center, or public areas is prohibited. Also, posting signs anywhere other than within the confines of exhibitors' booths is prohibited.


SIGGRAPH 2012 will provide perimeter badge checkers for the exhibit hall and public areas of the convention center. For special in-booth security, refer to the Booth Security Order Form.

Selling on the Exhibit Floor

Exhibitors at SIGGRAPH 2012 may sell their products directly to attendees from their booths on the show floor. SIGGRAPH Exhibition Management shall have control over the unsightliness of signs posting prices, notices of sales, etc. Review the California Seller’s Permit Application for further information.

Shipping Desk

A shipping desk is located in the registration area. This desk provides next-day air, second-day air, and regular ground shipping services to destinations throughout the world.

Show Colors

Booth Drape: Tan and Brown

Aisle Carpet: Latte (black and tan)

Shuttle Bus Service

SIGGRAPH 2012 provides complimentary shuttle service between most conference hotels and the Los Angeles Convention Center. Shuttle service is available only to attendees and exhibitors who register at official conference hotels through the SIGGRAPH 2012 hotel reservation system. Those attendees and exhibitors will receive special wristbands that allow them to board the shuttle buses. Those who are not registered at official conference hotels will be allowed to purchase wristbands. Those without wristbands will not be allowed to use the shuttle service.

The Convention Store is the Official Shuttle vendor for SIGGRAPH 2012. The Official Shuttle is not to be used for exhibiting companies to transport attendees to individual company needs, special events or parties. Exhibitors are welcome to rent additional shuttles for your company events and needs. They will be the only company with access directly in front of the convention center. If you choose another shuttle service you will need to make alternate arrangements for pick-up/drop-off locations near the convention center.

The Convention Store
405 Headquarters Drive, Suite 7
Millersville, Maryland 21108 USA

+1.443.837.2186 (direct)
+1.800.285.0001 (main office
+1.410.956.6592 fax

Contact: Gina Philbrick

Space Selection for SIGGRAPH 2013

Information will be sent to exhibitors in June.

Synchronization Licenses

If copyrighted musical compositions included in a film or video are performed at your booth, you are required to secure a synchronization license, which permits the inclusion of the music in the film or video. Synchronization licenses generally are issued by the music publishers of the individual composition. Find this information on the compact disc recording of the composition, or on the printed sheet music. Please contact the appropriate music publisher to secure the synchronization license. Alternatively, you may wish to contact an agency that is used by some music publishers to license synchronization rights. One such agency is:

Hinshaw Music, Inc.

P.O. Box 470

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514-0470 USA


+1.919.967.3399 fax 
+1.800.568.7805 orders