Conference 5–9 August 2012
Exhibition 7–9 August 2012
Los Angeles Convention Center

Poster Categories & Titles

4.  A Biologically Inspired Latent Space for Gait Parameterization
14.  A Stereoscopic Representation of Impossible Rectangle Twisted Torus Figure  
33.  CurveThis: A Tool to Create Controllable Massive Crawling  
41.  Easy-To-Use Authoring System for Noh (Japanese Traditional) Dance Animation
68.  LabaNOHtation: Laban Meets Noh  
69.  Lace Curtain: Rendering Animation of Woven Cloth Using BRDF/BTDF-Estimating Physical Characteristic From Subjective Impression  
88.  Particle-Based Simulation of Snow Trampling Taking Sintering Effect Into Account 
105.  Shape Deformation Using Freeform Deformation Axis
110.  Stop-Motion Cameras in the Network: Connected Multi-Cameras for Collaborative Work in  Stop Motion  
112.  Synthesis of a Video of a Performer Appearing to Play User-Specified Music  
35.  Design Ornamentation & Fabrication by Multi-Agent System  
38.  Door: The Evolution of Messenger and Analogue Emotion  
53.  Growing Documentary: Creating a Computer Supported Collaborative Story Telling Environment  
73.  Living Floccus: Floating Volumetric Pixels Using Fog Rings With Stroboscopic Effect  
76.  Micro-Sized Art “The Weight of Life”  
116.  The Flying: Kinect Art Using OpenNI and Learning System
129.  ViewPaint (Vol.1 “The Milkmaid” by Johannes Vermeer) 
13.  A Stereo Nine-Band Camera for Accurate Color and Spectrum Reproduction  
59.  High-Definition and Multispectral Capturing for Digital Archiving of Large 3D Woven Cultural Artifacts  
86.  Optimized Color LUT Transformations by Means of Analysis of Image Memorable and Subject Important Colors  
126.  Use of Periodic Shift and Color Combinations to Enhance Illusory Motion  
52.  Graphic Narratives: Generative Book Covers  
107.  SketchGraph: Gestural Data Input for Mobile Tablet Devices  
108.  Sketching Knots   
113.  Tamable Looper: Creature-Like Expressions and Interactions by Movement and Deformation of Clusters of Sphere Magnets  
121.  Transparent: Brain Computer Interface and Social Architecture  
122.  Turn: A Virtual Pottery by Real Spinning Wheel  
124.  Typeface Styling with Ramp Responses
130.  Vignette: A Style-Preserving Sketching Tool for Pen-and-Ink Illustration With Texture Synthesis 
132.  When Cheesecake Craving Unplugs the Pleasure Button: Understanding Aesthetics and Quality of Experience in Computer-Generated Graphics  
12.  A Simulation Game for Line Memorization  
70.  Lifelike Interactive Characters With Behavior Trees for Social Territorial Intelligence  
115.  Texture-Size-Independent Address Translation for Virtual Texturing  
3.  8D Display  
5.  A Cell-Phone Platform for Facial Performance Capture 
8.  A Colloidal Display: Membrane Screen That Combines Transparency, BRDF, and 3D Volume  
26.  CoDAC: Compressive Depth Acquisition Using a Single Time-Resolved Sensor  
36.  Development of a Portable Anisotropic Reflectance Measurement System for Modeling and Rendering of Bidirectional Texture Functions 
50.  GaussSketch: Add-On Magnetic Sensing for Natural Sketching on Smartphones
51.  GeigerCam: Measuring Radioactivity With Webcams  
62.  Ikimo: Open Entry-Level Robotics Platform  
64.  Improved Linear-Light-Source Material Reflectance Scanning  
94.  Printing 3D Light Field With 1D Halftone Screening  
103.  SGRT: A Scalable Mobile GPU Architecture Based on Ray Tracing  
119.  Towards A Transparent, Flexible, Scalable, and Disposable Image Sensor  
Image and Video Processing
1.  2D Denoising Factor for High-Dynamic-Range Imaging
21.  Automatic Mash-Up Music Video Generation System by Perceptual Synchronization of Music and Video Features  
22.  Automatic Music-Video-Generating System by Remixing Existing Contents in Video-Hosting Service Based on Hidden Markov Model  
24.  Calligraphic Cutting: Extreme Image Resizing with Cuts in Continuous Domain 
27.  Compressive Light-Field Photography  
28.  Computational Cellphone Microscopy  
29.  Computational Retinal Imaging Via Binocular Coupling and Indirect Illumination  
31.  CosmicAI: Generating Sky Backgrounds Through Content-Based Search and Flexible Composition  
42.  Effective Global Prediction for Dense Light-Field Compression by Using Synthesized Multi-Focus Images  
44.  Estimating Diffusion Parameters From Polarized Spherical Gradient Illumination  
45.  Estimating Specular Normals From Spherical Stokes Reflectance Fields
49.  Focus Tracking for Cinematography 
54.  Guided Tone Mapping  
55.  Hair Motion Capturing From Multiple View Videos 
58.  High-Detail Marker-Based 3D Reconstruction by Enforcing Multiview Constraints   
75.  Measurement-Based Synthesis of Facial Microgeometry
87.  Panorama Light-Field Imaging  
89.  Patching of Moving Objects for Ghosting-Free HDR Synthesis  
90.  Perceptually Optimized Content Remapping for Automultiscopic Displays
92.  Physical Simulation for Real-Time Image and Video Retargeting  
97.  Real-Time HDR Video Reconstruction for Multi-Sensor Systems  
120.  Tracking 3D Hand Postures From Monocular Video  
123.  Turning Photographs Into Abstract Expressionist Paintings  
125.  Use of CUDA Streams for Block-Based MPEG Motion Estimation on the GPU
18.  Active Touch Sensing of Being-Pulled Illusion for Pedestrian Route Navigation  
39.  Drum On  
60.  Direct Spatial Interactions With See-Through 3D Desktop   
63.  Image-Based Smartphone Interaction With Large High Resolution Displays  
77.  Mimicat: Face Input Interface Supporting Animatronics Costume Performer’s Facial Expression  
80.  NanoAR: Mobile AR Application With Microscopic Interaction 
81.  NeonDough: Crafting With Interactive Lighted Clay
82.  Neu: How Brain Activity Can Change an Animated Scene  
83.  New Interactive Visualization of Multiscale Biomedical Data
91.  Perifoveal Display: Combining Foveal With Peripheral Vision in One Visualization  
101.  SAION - Selective Audio Images Reproduction System Using Multiple Hyper Directional Loudspeakers  
102.  SEAD - Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts, and Design  
111.  Stuffed Toys Alive!: Cuddly Robots From Fantasy World 
114.  Technoculture of Handcraft: Fine Gesture Recognition for Haute Couture Skills Preservation and Transfer in Italy  
117.  The Telematic Dinner Party   
128.  Video Retrieval Based on User-Specified Deformation
133.  World Eco-Tope
2.  3D Human Head Geometry Estimation From a Speech 
11.  A Resolution-Reduction Method of Multi-Resolution Terrain Maps 
20.  Analysis and Synthesis of Realistic Eye Movement in Face-to-Face Communication  
23.  Base Mesh Construction Using Global Parametrization 
34.  De-Aging High-Resolution 3D Facial Models by Example-Driven Mesh Deformation
46.  Facial Aging Simulator Considering Geometry and Patch-Tiled Texture 
48.  Fast-Automatic 3D Face Generation Using a Single Video Camera  
61.  How to Draw Illustrative Figures?  
65.  Improving Registration Using Active Shape Models and Depth  
67.  Iterative Cage-Based Registration for Dynamic Shape Capture  
72.  LiveTree: Realistic Tree-Growth Simulation Tool
84.  Non-Rigid Shape Correspondence and Description Using Geodesic Field Estimate Distribution  
106.  Simplification of Hexahedral Mesh
7.  A Collision-Detection Method for High-Resolution Objects Using Tessellation Unit on GPU   
16.  Acquiring Perceptually Diffuse Shading From General Objects in Actual Scenes  
17.  Acquiring Shell Textures From a Single Image for Realistic Fur Rendering    
25.  Coarse Light Estimation Using Curvilinear Skeleton 
30.  Consistent Stylization of Stereoscopic 3D Images 
37.  Distance-Aware Ray Tracing for Curves   
43.  Efficient Terrain & Ocean Rendering for a Real-Size Planet  
47.  Fast Multi-Image-Based Photon Tracing With Grid-Based Gathering  
66.  Interactive Generation of (Paleontological) Scientific Illustrations From 3D-Models   
79.  Multi-Resolution Depth-of-Field Rendering   
93.  Pixelating Vector Line Art  
95.  Radiance Filtering for Interactive Path Tracing
96.  Randomized Coherent Sampling for Reducing Perceptual Rendering Error 
98.  Rendering of Human Skin During Physical Exercise
99.  Rich Intrinsic Image Decomposition of Outdoor Scenes From Multiple Views  
109.  Stereoscopic Line Drawing Using Depth Maps  
Virtual/Augmented Reality
9.  A Dynamic System for Controlling the Head Movement and Gaze of Virtual Characters  
15.  A Video-See-Through Face-Mounted Display for View Sharing  
56.  Hand-Rewriting: Automatic Rewriting Like Natural Handwriting  
57.  Haptic Editor  
74.  Magic Pot: Interactive Metamorphosis of the Perceived Shape  
104.  Shadow++: A System for Generating Artificial Shadows Based on Object Movement 
131.  Virtual Yamahoko Parade With Vibration  
6.  A Collaborative Real-Time Previsualization Tool for Video Games and Film  
10.  A Motion-Sensor Interactive Interface for Viewing and Manipulating Protein Structural Data in 3D  
19.  Advanced GPU-Based Ray Casting for Bricked Datasets
32.  CrowDiffuse: Information Diffusion Over Crowds With Social Network  
71.  Light-Field Supported Fast Volume Rendering  
85.  Omnistereo Images From Ground Based Lidar  
100.  Rupture Simulation of a Bubble With MPS  
118.  Tongue Visualization for Specified Speech Task 
127.  Using Motion Capture to Manipulate and Edit Meshes