Conference 5–9 August 2012
Exhibition 7–9 August 2012
Los Angeles Convention Center

SIGGRAPH Mobile Demonstrations

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Outside Room 406AB
Wednesday, 8 August 9 am - 5:15 pm


3D Tai Chi Interactive Animation Application on Mobile Platform

On the iOS platform, this application combines a motion capture system and 3D animation display with real-time interactive technology. In precision, accuracy, and user stickiness, the application is an improvement on current similar 3D apps.

Zhu Hui
Zhang Huai
Tsinghua University

Guo Yingtao
7 Starwish Studio

Chen Xinguang
Microsoft Corporation

Annotating With “Sticky” Light for Mobile Remote Guidance

A mobile worker performing a physical task may need to ask for advice and guidance from a remote expert. This system allows the expert to see the workplace from the worker’s point of view and to draw "sticky" annotations directly into that physical workplace using a pico-projector.

Matt Adcock
Chris Gunn

LED-to-LED Visible Light Communication for Mobile Applications

Games, toys, location services, and augmented reality are example applications that can benefit from using visible light for communication. This demo shows a creative approach to novel consumer applications for electronics and toy networks in mobile scenarios.

Giorgio Corbellini
Stefan Schmid
Disney Research, Zürich

Thomas Gross
ETH Zürich

Armen Mkrtchyan
Disney Consumer Products

Stefan Mangold
Disney Research, Zürich

When the World is Not Enough: Augmenting Reality to Bring Products to People

This hands-on demonstrations features three real-world mobile augmented-reality (AR) marketing campaigns that leverage smartphones, tablets, the latest AR toolsets, and a range of markers, from newspaper advertisements to milk cartons and an architectural wooden box.

Kim Baumann Larsen
Placebo Effects

Tuck Siver
David Jones

Mobile GPU Demos

A selection of cutting-edge mobile devices based on ARM's Mali GPU technology.

Phil Smith
ARM, Inc.