Conference 5–9 August 2012
Exhibition 7–9 August 2012
Los Angeles Convention Center

Studio Projects

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Creation Station

This project allows attendees to create wearable fabric art objects with glowing LED features.
Courtney Starrett
Winthrop University   

Byron Lahey
Patricia Clark
Arizona State University

Digital Ceramics

Attendees develop digital designs then use direct CNC milling to create plaster molds for hand moulding or slip casting ceramic forms.

David Celento
Norwich University


After three years of R&D, community building, and countless upgrade requests, DIYLILCNC introduces version 2.0 of their do-it-yourself tabletop milling design.

Chris Reilly
University of California, Los Angeles

Taylor Hokanson
Columbia College Chicago

Gigapixel Science Lab

A space for creating, exploring, and sharing gigapixel images of scientific subjects and themes.

Gene Cooper
Four Chambers Studio

iPi Mocap - Dual-Kinect Motion Capture Technology

Marker-less motion capture software that works with multiple Kinect sensors (or similar depth-sensing devices like Asus Xtion).

Michael Nikonov
iPi Soft LLC

Loosely Fitted Design Synthesizer

This workbench approach to design and engineering interaction stimulates intuition, creativity, and imagination of the ideation process. Users control capture of iterations by pushing a red capture button or foot pedal. The iterations are captured in real time by a HD video camera.
Robert E. Wendrich
Universiteit Twente

Merchant of Venus Prime

A collaborative project to demonstrate the Studio's artistic, technical, and creative talents, and how they apply to computer graphic production.

Milton Garcia
Tracy McSheery
PhaseSpace Inc.


A postcard project that explores possibilities outside the standard limitations of 2D cards. The POPAPY cards transform into pop-up cards after they're heated in a microwave oven.
Kentaro Yasu
Keio University

Signal Strength

Signal Strength transforms existing Android phones into nodes on a local, peer-to-peer network. It explores behavior in an urban environment and assembly of the technology.
Amelia Marzec
Eyebeam Art and Technology Center