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SIGGRAPHITTI Issue 5 - June 2012

Computer Animation Festival Preview Video

The SIGGRAPH 2012 Computer Animation Festival presents the year’s finest achievements in digital film and video from the world’s most innovative, accomplished, and amazing digital film and video creators. SIGGRAPH 2012 Computer Animation Festival highlights include outstanding achievements in time-based art, scientific visualization, visual effects, real-time graphics, and narrative shorts.

A total of 94 films will be shown during the SIGGRAPH 2012 Computer Animation Festival. This year’s selections will be featured during the Computer Animation Festival through a series of Computer Animation Festival Daytime Selects and the iconic Electronic Theater, allowing attendees to get a glimpse behind the making of computer-generated effects, visualizations, and animations.

View the Computer Animation Festival preview video.

Computer Animation Festival Awards

SIGGRAPH 2012 announces the Computer Animation Festival's Best in Show, Jury Award, Best Student Project, and Well Told Fable Prize recipients.

The Computer Animation Festival is recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifying festival. Since 1999, several works originally presented in the Computer Animation Festival have been nominated for or have received a "Best Animated Short" Academy Award.

Directed by Yoshimichi Tamura, PlanKtoon; France
In a boutique in Paris, Louise looks at her reflection in the surrounding mirrors. Tonight, she has a rendezvous with Jules, her fiancé. Suddenly she notices that she's late, and goes off in great haste to her flat to get ready. Réflexion is a description of women's concerns about the way they look.

How to Eat Your Apple
Directed by Erick Oh, Independent; USA
Here is a delicious apple. How would you eat it? 

Directed by Jeff Call, Brigham Young University; USA
Estefan, the world's greatest hairdresser, must design a hairstyle for Clara, a woman with no hair, in order to preserve his reputation.
Directed by Sascha Geddert, Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg; Germany
In the vastness of space, a small speck of rock is inhabited by the most peculiar lifeforms: Dark little dots that start to replicate fast and begin to show signs of intelligence. "Globosome“ tells the story of the rise and fall of these little creatures.
Herr Hoppe und der Atommüll 
Directed by Jan Lachauer and Thorsten Löffler, Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg; Germany
A barrel of nuclear waste drops into the living room of Herr Hoppe, an average suburban German. He has to get rid of it and does it in his own wacky way.
Directed by: Romain Borrel, Gaël Falzowski, Benjamin Rabaste, and Vincent Tonelli, Supinfocom Arles; France
In a cured meats deli, a customer starts fantasizing about the butcher. She takes us into a clichéd vision of couple-hood, transcribed, for better or for worse, within a universe of pork products.

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Download the SIGGRAPH 2012 Advance Program for detailed information on who's speaking and what's happening at SIGGRAPH 2012.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Talks and Posters

SIGGRAPH 2012 Talks and Posters provide interactive forums as they present the latest developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Talks take you behind the scenes and into the minds of the creators offering a broad spectrum of presentations on recent achievements in all areas of computer graphics and interactive techniques, including art, design, animation, visual effects, interactivity, research, and engineering. SIGGRAPH Talks highlight the latest developments before publication, present ideas that are still in progress, and showcase how computer graphics and interactive techniques are actually implemented and used, in graphics production or other fields.

View a preliminary list of SIGGRAPH 2012 Talks.

SIGGRAPH 2012 Posters are a light-weight, low-tech method for presenting student, in-progress, and late-breaking work. Posters are displayed Tuesday-Wednesday, 7-8 August from 12:15 – 1:15 pm for attendees to browse at their leisure, and poster authors meet and discuss their work with attendees during Poster Presentations.

View the complete list of posters.

Hands-on Studio



The Studio provides a hands-on creative environment for experts, attendees and the latest technologies to collaborate, experiment, and create.

The Studio spans the gamut of digitally enabled and traditional creative practice while providing a collaborative, interactive experience unlike any other:

  • Explore the Studio and try out a wide range of new techniques and media with help from experienced hands.
  • Play with the latest in 3D printing, modeling, and animation software and bring your ideas to life with tomorrow's technologies in gigapixel imaging, motion capture, and more.
  • Join Studio Workshops, a series of in-depth workshops taught by the best in the industry (maximum capacity: 25 persons per workshop, first come, first served).
  • Attend Studio Talks at the forefront of creative practice: sessions on design computing, digital fabrication, music, hardware hacking, film production, gaming, and many other aspects of cyber exploration.

View more information on SIGGRAPH 2012 Studio Talks, Workshops, and Projects.

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