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SIGGRAPHITTI Issue 4 - June 2012

Jane McGonigal - SIGGRAPH 2012 Keynote Speaker

Jane McGonigal Selected as SIGGRAPH 2012 Keynote Speaker

Reality needs better game design. Jane McGonigal is a visionary game designer and futurist, and she is harnessing the power of the Internet games in new ways to help solved some of the biggest challenges facing our world today and tomorrow.

McGonigal has been selected as keynote speaker for SIGGRAPH 2012. She is director of game research and development at the Institute for the Future (IFTF), where her research focuses on how games are transforming the way we lead our real lives, and how they can be used to increase our resilience and well-being.

“As both a visual artist and innovative game designer, Jane McGonigal is the ideal keynote for SIGGRAPH 2012 as the perfect illustration of this year’s conference theme,” said Rebecca Strzelec, SIGGRAPH 2012 Conference Chair from Penn State Altoona. “Her vision, vocation, and world-renowned accomplishments truly embody the collision, juxtaposition, and interaction of art and science.”

McGonigal is a visionary game designer and futurist, using alternate reality games to conduct research, build communities, connect with markets, and solve real-world problems from curing disease to addressing issues of poverty, hunger, and a world without petroleum. She has created and deployed award-winning games in more than 30 countries on six continents and directed the world’s first massively multiplayer forecasting game, Superstruct, which brought together more than 7,000 future forecasters from 90 countries.


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Mobile phones now combine serious graphics hardware with very cool software. Find out what's next in talks, workshops, and demonstrations.

Inspired by the popularity of SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Symposium on Apps, this new program for SIGGRAPH 2012 presents the latest advances in mobile technologies. SIGGRAPH Mobile explores what's possible, and when, for computers that can remain in their bags at security checkpoints.  

A few highlights of Mobile content to look out for:

Mobile Applications – In Your Hand and On the Road

Session Chair: Ronald van der Lingen, Layar

Authors: Vidya Setlur, Nokia Research Center; Alark Joshi, Boise State University
This session presents the state of the art in mobile automobile research, particularly navigation systems that help the user on-the-go. The talk includes code samples and a demo of a prototype called DriveSense that combines the mobile and automobile contexts, affecting how maps are rendered.

Mobile Augmented Reality in Advertising: the TineMelk AR App - A Case StudyMobile Augmented Reality in Advertising: the TineMelk AR App - A Case Study
Authors: Kim Baumann Larsen, Placebo Effects; Tuck Siver and David Jones, Labrat; Magnus Wessel Bøe-Waal and Michael Birkeland, Placebo Effects; Sigbjørn Galåen, Christer Sveen, and Eigil Jarl Halse, Blink Studios AS
Augmented Reality (AR) offers many creative and technical opportunities that are only beginning to be understood by advertisers. Placebo Effects and Labrat’s work with TineMelk AR provided a production challenge to apply this emerging technology in a real world environment.

The TineMelk AR application for Android and iOS ran nationwide in Norway in January 2012. An AR marker was printed on more than 50 million milk cartons. The app was part of a four-month campaign to raise awareness of locally produced and distributed milk and was built on an existing marketing concept of cows talking like humans when unobserved. Two small animated cows played out an amusing mise en scène with the cows speaking in a different Norwegian dialect, depending on which region the milk was from. The story ends when the cows are surprised to "discover" the user and then clumsily return to "playing" cow.

This presentation covers lessons learned from the production of the TineMelk AR app and key issues and possibilities to be aware of when creating interactive AR stories for the mobile platform.

Image Credit: Copyright (c) 2012 Placebo Effects / Labrat

The complete list of SIGGRAPH Mobile content is online.


Focus on Games

Discover games-related programs and sessions for game creators and producers who want to apply the latest techniques, technologies and trends.

SIGGRAPH 2012 offers a record amount of game development content throughout various conference programs, including Courses, Talks, Technical Papers, SIGGRAPH Dailies!, and Real-Time Live!

"With a variety of excellent game, film, and research content, SIGGRAPH 2012 will be THE place for video game artists and graphics experts to increase their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and discuss ideas with the best," said Naty Hoffman, SIGGRAPH 2012 Games Chair from Activision.

A partial list of SIGGRAPH 2012 game-related sessions and programs:


Virtual Texturing in Software and Hardware
Virtual Texturing in Software and HardwareAuthors: Juraj Obert, Advanced Micro Devices; J.M.P. van Waveren, ID Software; Graham Sellers, Advanced Micro Devices
This course introduces partially resident textures (PRTs), a new GPU feature for virtual texturing, and contrasts them with software-based methods of virtual texturing. PRTs are available in the Southern Islands (Radeon HD 7xxx) family of graphics processors.

Advances in Real-Time Rendering in Games (2-part course)

Beyond Programmable Shading

Character Rigging, Deformations, and Simulations in Film and Game Production

Efficient Real-Time Shadows

Practical Physically-Based Shading in Film and Game Production



The Battle for the Future of Motion-Controlled Gaming

Virtual Production Branches Out



Adaptive Level-of-Detail System for End of Nations

Asking the Impossible on SSX: Creating 300 Tracks On a 10-Track Budget

Character Customization of Soulcalibur 5 In-Depth

Creating Vast Game Worlds - Experiences from Avalanche Studios

Fast Generation of Directional Occlusion Volumes

Furry, Floppy, Fuzzy: Once Upon a Monster’s Fur Pipeline
Furry, Floppy, Fuzzy: Once Upon a Monster’s Fur PipelineAuthors: Peter Demoreuille, Google, Inc.; Oliver Franzke, Double Fine Productions; Lydia Choy, Bloom Studio
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster required Double Fine Productions to faithfully re-create the look of classic Sesame Street characters and a set of loveable furry monster companions. The novel authoring tools, simulation, tessellation, sorting, shading, lighting, and rendering techniques developed for the title formed an efficient and flexible fur pipeline that was used to create fur for every character in the title. 

Image Credit: Courtesy of Double Fine Productions, Inc. Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster © 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Developed by Double Fine Productions, Inc. "Sesame Street®" and all associated characters and elements © 2011 Sesame Workshop. Portions of "Once Upon a Monster" ™ & © 2011 Double Fine Productions, Inc.

Lighting the Open World of New York Zero for Prototype 2

Local Image-based Lighting with Parallax-corrected Cubemaps

Rendering Water in UnchartedRendering Water in Uncharted

Authors: Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa, Eben Cook, Doug Holder, Naughty Dog, Inc.
The Uncharted series of video games for the PS3 has been recognized for its distinct cinematic gaming experience and high-quality graphics. Although the core game mechanics are centered around exploration and combat, water has been a major design element of the game.

The complexity of the game mechanics and rendering of the water has increased over the three games in the series. They extend from simple swimming mechanics to the player swimming in rough water, full levels being moved by the ocean waves, fast moving boats and platforms, crashing waves, and floods. The types of water in the game’s environments range from simple puddles to pools, lakes, rivers, and an ocean-storm environment. Diverse new rendering techniques were used to display and animate the water. Each type of water uses a different rendering engine.

Screen Space Decals in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 

What If Earth was Flat: Building the Globe UI of SSX



Creating Vast Game Worlds: Experiences from Avalanche Studios

Film/Game Convergence: What's Taking So Long?


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