Conference 5–9 August 2012
Exhibition 7–9 August 2012
Los Angeles Convention Center

Mesh Based Fluids

Technical Papers

Mesh Based Fluids

Thursday, 9 August 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM | Los Angeles Convention Center, Room 515AB
Session Chair: Chris Wojtan, Institute of Science and Technology Austria

Lagrangian Vortex Sheets for Animating Fluids

A method for efficient simulation od highly detailed dense smoke plumes. By solving vortex-sheet dynamics and coupling them to a coarse simulation, the method directly evaluatesturbulent detail on the visible interface surface.

Tobias Pfaff
ETH Zürich

Nils Thuerey
ScanlineVFX GmbH

Markus Gross
ETH Zürich

Discrete Viscous Sheets

This paper presents a reduced-dimensional Lagrangian model for animating thin sheets of viscous incompressible liquids, such as syrup or honey, incorporating exact volume preservation, surface tension effects, and local remeshing. The approach is validated against analytical solutions, and reproduces classic viscous sheet behaviors, including stretching, buckling, sagging, and wrinkling.

Christopher Batty
Columbia University

Andres Uribe
Columbia University

Basile Audoly
Université Pierre et Marie Curie

Eitan Grinspun
Columbia University

Topology-Adaptive Interface Tracking Using the Deformable Simplicial Complex

Presenting the deformable simplicial complex method: a novel, Lagrangian method for deformable interface tracking in 2D and 3D. The interface is represented as a piecewise linear curve or surface embedded in a kinetic triangulation or tetrahedralization of the space, yielding robust topological adaptivity, little numerical diffusion, and other useful properties.

Marek Misztal
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Jakob Andreas Bærentzen
Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Fluid Simulation Using Laplacian Eigenfunctions

In modeling fluid motion, selecting a basis of Laplacian eigenfunctions provides novel and interesting properties leading to visually convincing simulations with far fewer degrees of freedom than existing approaches.

Tyler de Witt
University of Toronto

Christian Lessig
University of Toronto

Eugene Fiume
University of Toronto