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Apr 23
Apr 24

13th Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation

Lyon, France

Apr 24
Apr 28
Eurographics 2017

38th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics

Lyon, France

May 2
May 5
FMX 2017

Conference on Animation, Effects, VR, Games and Transmedia

Stuttgart, Germany

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Tiled light trees

This paper from I3D '17 presents a new approach to handling many light sources in real-time rendering - a hierarchical acceleration structure that adapts to the light source distribution.

Real-time high-quality surface rendering for large scale particle-based fluids

This paper from I3D '17 introduces a novel approach to render high-quality fluid surface in screen space by an efficient combination of particle splatting, ray-casting and surface normal estimation techniques.

Image-space modal bases for plausible manipulation of objects in video

This paper from SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 presents algorithms for extracting an image-space representation of object structure from video and using it to synthesize plausible animations. 

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