Conference 5–9 August 2012
Exhibition 7–9 August 2012
Los Angeles Convention Center

State-of-the-Art Stereoscopic Visual Effects: Stereoscopy and Conversion are “More than Meets the Eye”

Los Angeles Convention Center, South Hall K

A recent surge in production of 2D-to-3D converted films has established this technique as a permanent part of the stereoscopic entertainment industry. Proper conversion is not a simplistic post-production process. It requires exceptionally complex and nuanced stereoscopic visual effects that, if improperly applied, can result in poor quality films and physical pain on the part of the audience.

This course presents case studies from Digital Domain's recent stereoscopic conversions (for example, "Transformers 3") that demonstrate how to convert high-quality stereoscopic content through both traditional and hybrid stereoscopic workflows. It also explains in detail how proper conversion is mathematically identical to geometry generated from stereoscopic capture, shows how to articulate and identify poor quality conversion, reviews when it is appropriate to convert materials, and provides tips on how to shoot specifically for 2D-to-3D conversion.





Intended Audience

Practitioners and clients of stereoscopic services and attendees who have some basic knowlege of stereoscopic production.


Jonathan Karafin
Digital Domain